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The club has members who shoot for both pleasure and competition, but whatever their reason for doing archery we find that people like to see their scores improving over time so we offer a range of schemes and incentives for progression, such as badges to be earned by shooting at club sessions. We also keep members informed about upcoming competitions and any other opportunities we become aware of by email, so keep an eye on your inbox!

If you want to shoot a round at a club session or at a competition, there's more information on rounds at the top of the competitions page, and you can download a scoresheet for a Portsmouth round here if you want to score yourself during the indoor season (a Portsmouth is the most common indoor round). And whether it's the indoor or outdoor season, you'll really benefit from setting yourself a goal to work on and keep yourself motivated - have a look at our suggested goals document for some ideas!


Coaching (Indoor and Outdoor Seasons)

We have a good bunch of coaches who can help you progress in your technique and scores, and between them they cover different areas of specialist knowledge (equipment tuning, mental skills and archery-specific exercises, to name a few!). While our coaches are there to help you, they do follow a Coaching by Consent policy which means you will need to ask for coaching; the reason we donít have coaches just approaching people at club sessions is that you could be working on a particular aspect of your technique, or just shooting to relax after a hard day, in which case the last thing you want is someone coming and interfering!

Please also remember that our coaches are volunteers and may be practising for competitions or trying to achieve a goal that session, but if youíre struggling then please do ask and it might be that they arrange to see you at another session. Another really cool way to request help is to use the form on the left (which can also be accessed by clicking here) - this will send a request to the coaching team (or to a specific coach, if you prefer) so that you can arrange for help on a mutually convenient day! :)

Archery GB Coaching logo Archery GB Boost Archery logo

In January 2015 we were one of the first clubs in the country to run an Archery GB 'Boost Archery' coaching course over four weeks for intermediate level archers, and we now do so every year as long as there is sufficient demand. Please keep an eye on your email for alerts about when we're next running a course.

Our county runs a number of free coaching sessions for senior archers during the indoor season, which we advertise by email and encourage club members to attend. The county also runs a free coaching programme for juniors from October to March, with sessions approximately every six weeks, and a number of our coaches are involved in the junior programme so there's always a friendly face there!


Archery GB Progress Awards for Juniors (Indoor and Outdoor Seasons)

Early on in the club's life we signed up for the Archery GB Progress Awards scheme, which allows juniors to earn badges for achieving certain scores for their age, sex and bowstyle. There are five badges available - in order these are White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold - and they are earned by shooting 36 arrows, with a maximum of 12 sighters, to achieve the required score. All junior members of the club are automatically registered with our badge scheme coordinator (also known as our Records Officer - see the contact us page for the name of the person currently in this post), and if they intend to shoot for a badge during a session then they will need to let the Records Officer know at the beginning of the session and ask a senior member who is not a relative of theirs to record their score on one of the club score sheets the Records Officer will provide; this is because the scheme is a national programme and we need to keep a record in order for Archery GB to produce the Roll of Honour for people achieving the Gold badge and work out which club has won the trophy for achieving the greatest number of badges each year. We present the badges entirely free of charge and they look great on quivers so it's well worth taking part and literally Going for Gold!

If you want to look up the scores needed for each badge so you know your goals, you can use the following links: Recurve scores, Compound scores and Longbow/Barebow scores.

Junior Progress Badges


252 Scheme Badges

252 Scheme (Outdoor Season)

The 252 scheme involves shooting 3 dozen arrows (after 6 sighters) on a 122cm face at distance of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100 yards, with different coloured badges available for scoring 252 or more (for recurve bows) at each distance. You have to do it twice, though, so we know you're not just having a lucky day! Scores for compound, longbow and barebow differ - download the scorecard in PDF or Word format to see what you need to score for your bowstyle, for a copy of the full rules for the scheme... and also so that you can print it out and score your 252 round at a club session, of course!


DNAA Castles League (Indoor Season)
(Previously known as the Logical League)

Durham and Northumberland Archery Association (the county we are affiliated to) run an online league throughout the indoor season, and it's open to both senior and junior members of the club, in all bowstyles. All you have to do is record your score for 36 consecutive arrows shot at 20 yards (our standard indoor distance) and then let our Castles League Coordinator know your best score each month from October to February. Please send the coordinator your score by email at, because handling over 100 bits of paper from everyone would get very confusing! The coordinator will then send off all of the scores together to Tony George, who runs the scheme and will update the tables so you can see how you are doing compared to others in your league; there are nine leagues and you are allocated an appropriate one based on your scores, with opportunities for promotion, so you're always shooting against comparable archers. We find the Castles League really helps a lot of people to progress as you're always trying to beat your score from the previous month, and you can use the league tables to track your progress throughout the indoor season. If you submit scores for at least two months then you receive a really nice certificate too, so even if you join the club midway through the season you can jump right in!

More information on the Castles League is available here. One of our members, Jim York, has even produced a spreadsheet to help you find your best 36 consecutive arrows from a Portsmouth round and track your progress: download it here!

Logical League certificate


January Challenge example scores

Archery GB November and January Challenges (Indoor Season)

Archery GB runs some very cool progression schemes over the indoor season - the November Challenge, for juniors only, and the January Challenge, which is primarily for seniors though juniors are welcome to enter if they want to take on the seniors! The way these work is that Archery GB collects the best scores from everyone who enters nationally and puts them into a huge list (divided up by bow type, sex, etc.; see left for an example) so that you can compare yourself to the whole country. We've had a number of people enter the last couple of years and it is very cool when you see yourself up there in a national list! For more information on the schemes, including past results, click here for the January Challenge and here for the November Challenge.

Our Junior Organiser collects the scores to send off as a club batch for the November Challenge - please send the following details to by 1st December to enter:

Sex: Gent/Lady
Age on 31st October
Bow Type: Recurve/Longbow/Compound/Barebow
Your best score for 36 consecutive arrows shot in November (shot after only the standard 6 sighters you're allowed when scoring): Please give your total score, the number of hits and the number of 10s

And for the January Challenge, please email the following details to by 1st February:

Sex: Gent/Lady
Bow Type: Recurve/Longbow/Compound/Barebow
Experience: Please state the year you began archery
Your best score for a Portsmouth round shot in January: Please give your total score, the number of hits and the number of 10s


Classifications and Handicap Scores
(Indoor and Outdoor Seasons)

Archery GB have both an indoor and outdoor classification scheme; if you would like to know your current classification then send your three best scores for each of the rounds you have shot to our Records Officer using the form on the right (which can alternatively be accessed by clicking here). You can check what scores you need to achieve for the next classification in the Archery GB Shooting Administration Procedures document, available here. Excitingly, from the beginning of the 2016-2017 indoor season our county is also running a new indoor classification scheme for senior and junior longbow archers, with pretty badges available! Please find details of the Blaze Longbow Classification scheme here.

Our Records Officer will also be able to calculate your Handicap score once you have submitted three scores, so if you enter any competitions where there is a Handicap Trophy up for grabs (like our own Indoor Club Championships!) then you can fill in your Handicap score on the entry form and give yourself a chance of bringing it home! The Records Officer can let you know your Handicap by email if you ask them at or, if you checked the box on the submission form to confirm that you don't mind it being published online, the spreadsheet of current Handicaps is available here.


Club Records
(Indoor and Outdoor Seasons)

If you're really up for a challenge, why not go for a club record? You'll need to shoot at a competition or in one of the organised rounds we hold from time to time at club sessions, and you can check the scores you need to beat on the current list of club records here. Then, if your score is higher than the current record, just send it to our Records Officer (using the form on the right or by clicking here) to claim the record for yourself!


Novice Handicap Trophy

Novice Handicap Trophy (Indoor Season)

For novice archers (those in their first year of shooting) we have a really lovely Novice Handicap Trophy that you can get your name on if you're the novice archer whose Handicap score improves the most over the indoor season. Just submit three scores for Portsmouth, Worcester or Bray 1 rounds by the end of November to our Records Officer using the form above or by emailing them at so they can calculate your starting Handicap score, then continue to submit scores for any of the rounds until the end of March, when they will calculate your final Handicap score and see who has made the most improvement! You're only a novice once, so it's well worth a go!


County Competitions, County Records and County Team Places (Indoor and Outdoor Seasons)

If you want to get into competitions but aren't quite sure how it all works, definitely think about having a go at our Club Indoor Championships in February so that you can experience a competition (scoring, medals and all) in the familiar club environment first! We try to ensure there's an experienced, supportive club member on each target to look after novices and juniors in particular and answer any questions you may have. Past results are available on the Competitions page of the website if you want to get an idea of what other people have scored, but honestly, there's no pressure to put in an Olympic performance or anything, just enjoy trying to better your own scores!

Persuaded yet? Okay! If you want to take part in competitions outside of the club, those in the Durham and Northumberland area are listed here on the county website, along with entry forms for the events when they become available, and the results lists when they are published, too, so you can see exactly where you placed for your category. We are often asked which competitions are best for novices and juniors, and whilst all competitions are really welcoming, we would particularly point people in the direction of the below for target archery (field and clout competitions are also available in the county). We've given an indication of the month in which the competitions usually take place, but please check the county website for the exact dates as they may vary a little from year to year.

As a trial for 2015, we produced a 'Competition Banding' document to help first-time competitors choose suitable competitions to enter. The document is still available here and again this might be a useful starting point because although the dates will differ slightly from year to year, the overall competition calendar is quite similar.


  • DNAA Novice Indoor Championships (Indoor competition: March)
  • Hartlepool Amalgamation Shoot (Outdoor competition: June)
  • DNAA Novice Outdoor Championships (Outdoor competition: July)
  • Teesside Championships (Outdoor competition: September)
As 'Novices' (with the exception of the Novice Indoor and Outdoor Championships for those who have been shooting for more than one year), plus:
  • Killingworth Junior Shoot (Outdoor competition: June)
  • Cleadon Junior Shoot (Outdoor competition: July)

DNAA logo

If you want to go to a competition not just to win against the people who are there, but also the county's best ever archers, then check out the County Records for each of the rounds and bowstyles here to see what you need to score! You can also aim for a place on the County Team - ask at a club session if you're interested in this and we'll be able to tell you how to go about it. And thinking about your own personal performance, there are various badges to be earned for shooting certain scores in certain rounds; for example, if you shoot in a Record Status WA 1440 round in England, you can claim English Crosses (check here for details) and there are also Rose Awards, WA Stars... basically, lots of shinies you can ask about at the club if you want to know more!


Best Gold trophies

Best Gold Competition (Indoor and Outdoor Seasons)

When we first set up the club we wanted to have a progression incentive in place very quickly, so we invented a mini competition to run every other Sunday, where one particular end would be designated the 'Best Gold' end, and whoever was closest to the cross in the centre of the target for that particular set of three arrows would have the pride of knowing they won. The competition was so popular that we still run it today, and we even have trophies - one for seniors and one for juniors - for the winners to take home for the fortnight. People's concentration for those few arrows is unbelievable!

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